Wolf Paulus’ Journal

Wolf Paulus
Hi there and thanks so much for stopping by!
My name is Wolf Paulus, I’m a photographer, hiker, hacker, and technologist, based in Ramona, California.
This is my journal, where I share quick thoughts and ideas on technology.

I’m appointed to the advisory committee at the University of California, Irvine, and occasionally speak at conferences and user groups, on topics ranging from Embedded/Mobile Technology to Emotional Prosody and Voice and Conversational User Interfaces.


January 30-31, 2017 Conversational Interaction Conference
April 4, 2017 San Diego .Net User Group
April 24-26, 2017 SpeechTEK

Many of the new concepts I’m working on, are communicated best through video clips or short films.
Take a look at some short HD films that I have created over the last few months and years.

“Amateur Professionalism”, a concept used since 2004, describes an emerging sociological and economic trend of people pursuing amateur activities to professional standards. That pretty much describes, how I look at my photography work today.
If you like, take a look at some of my photos and the stories they tell.

Updating the Nexus 6P to Android 7 Nougat .. Now!
Here are the steps to update your Nexus 6P to Android 7 (final) release. Step 1. Install Android Studio Download
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Hosting an Alexa Skill yourself
If experimenting with the Amazon Echo / Alexa Skill Kit or running a so-called Skill in production, you generally have
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Working with files on an external USB Hard-Drive
I am the proud owner of an Apple Thunderbolt Display (2560×1440). It has an outstanding image quality, comes with built-in
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Mobile Voice Conference 2016
The Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS) and TMA Associates organize the annual Mobile Voice Conference, which this year took place at the
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Putting your Bot into Slack
It all began back in 1990, when Hugh Loebner initiated a contest, designed to implement the Turing Test. The Loebner
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Mac2Speech, a TTS Server for the rest of us
If you want to add none trivial speech output to your application, no matter if it’s a desktop, web, or
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SpeechTEK 2015 – New York City
This year, the annual SpeechTEK conference focused heavily on Virtual Agents and Advances in Biometrics. The conference took place at
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Installing an SSL Certificate on Tomcat
If you have Tomcat installed on your Mac or Linux computer, like I have shown here and here, you may
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United States Patent 9,048,963
About four years ago, near field communication – NFC was a cool and still new technology. I had worked with
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