Introducing pyBox

Could there be a computer that is as nimble as it is useful, and still be fun and distinctly easy to program? 

  • pyBox, a small single-board computer, connected to a frugal 16×2 character display may be just that. 
  • pyBox is remarkably small, just about the size of a deck of cards, and also entirely transparent, expressing its open-source heritage.
  • pyBox has just two buttons, capacitive touch buttons, registering press and long-press interactions. 
  • pyBox’s nimble but very attractive two-row display effortlessly scrolls longer outputs in gorgeous colors.
  • pyBox easily connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices and can be programmed over a USB, using PyCharm or VSCode.
  • pyBox does not have an Operating System. For pyBox, MicroPython is the operating system, sitting on top of the processor.

Btw, the European Space Agency ESA wants to use Python in space and helped funding MicroPython.
“MicroPython Virtual Machine for On Board Control Procedures”
“MicroPython for LEON” (a radiation-tolerant 32-bit microprocessor core that implements the SPARC V8 instruction set)

pyBox comes with a custom version of MicroPython, specially built and compiled for this unique hardware platform, comprised of one of the most powerful ESP32 boards and magnificent LCD character displays, all interconnected using cable-reducing, innovative Qwiic connectors.

More about pyBox:

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