SwiXML – XUL Engine For Swing

In January 2003, I founded the Swixml open source project to combine the benefits of Swing (availability of models, extensibility of widgets etc.) with the lean XUL-approach, demonstrated by the Thinlet developers. 

SwiXML, is a small GUI generating engine for Java applications. Graphical User Interfaces are described in XML documents that are parsed and rendered into javax.swing objects at runtime. Sun Microsystems’ CTO once called it “The strongest straightforward design of declarative GUI implementations”.
SwiXML represents ideas that are now heavily re-used in Google’s Android SDK. (Graphical User Interfaces are described declaratively in XML documents that are parsed and rendered into UI widgets hierarchies at runtime.)

Last I checked, SwiXML was the best “XUL motor” available for Java.
Rather than try and port Mozilla XUL (as the Luxor project has done), SwiXML has created an XML vocabulary that will be much more natural for Swing developers.
So, if you’re looking for a way to define your Swing UI’s in XML, SwiXML is one of the best choices around.
–Ben Galbraith

More details are available here.