Exploring Neural Word Embeddings

Embry Riddle College of Engineering

You will learn how to apply neural word embeddings and cosine similarity to answer analogy questions and explore their use in detecting bias in text.

Onward to Conversational Applications

Conversational Interaction Conference

Video: In this talk I'm suggesting that new API design approaches might eliminate the need for specialized VUI roles.

Striving for Likability

Voice 2020

Video: This talk explores the potential of affective computing technologies and emotion analytics to create engaging and unbiased interactions.

One Lambda to Rule Them All

AWS Community Day 2020

Showing an AWS Lambda function in Python that handles HTML pages, POST requests, DynamoDB storage, text-to-speech, other Lambdas, and native libraries.

The Future of Chatbots

Landbot Scoop - Season 1

Podcast: Chatbots are a transition to a much more open interface, where the user can interact with the system in a more natural way.

Setting Chatbot User Expectations

Digital Conversations with Bateman

Podcast: The conversation explores the importance of setting user expectations in chatbot interactions.

Chatbots Voice Multimodal

The Bot Potcast

Video Podcast: Exploring the future of conversational interfaces, we're diving into the potential of multimodal chatbots to enhance user experiences.

Affect in Bot Conversations

Business of Bots

This talk explores how to create likable virtual assistant responses through affective computing.

AWS Lambda deploying w/ AWS CodeBuild

Desert Code Camp 2018

Implementing AWS Lambda functions in Java and automating build and deployment using AWS CodeBuild showcases the synergy between software development and DevOps.

Affect in Bot Conversations

Conversational Interaction Conference 2018

This talk explores possibilities of a more personalized, contextual and likeable customer engagement, by using affective computing technologies and emotions analytics.

Java for Serverless Compute

Desert Code Camp 2017

Providing a template for Java-based serverless projects: A Java based on AWS Lambda, employing Gradle, JUnit, Jackson for JSON processing, and Log4J for logging.

Patterns for Natural Language Applications

Mobile Voice Conference 2016

Simple patterns such as adaptive greeting, randomness, context maintenance, and predictive follow-up can enhance a Voice User Interface significantly.

Emotional Prosody

Mobile Voice Conference

Voice-enabled mobile apps provide instant access to information, favoring conversational agents over rigid commands, synthesizing text with emotional values enhances the experiences.