One Lambda to Rule Them All

AWS Community Day 2020, Nov 2020, Online Event

Whenever I got a new laptop, or was just (re-) installing Mac OS from scratch, a Java JDK, IntelliJ IDEA, and Tomcat, the “pure Java” HTTP web server environment, were always among the 1st things I installed. How times have changed. Now it’s Docker, Python3, PyCharm, and AWS and SAM CLIs that go on first. I still do Java, quite a bit actually, but Python and AWS Lambda are on the rise. An AWS Lambda function can be simple but still quite powerful, doing many things I used to do with Tomcat.

This talk shows an AWS Lambda function, implemented in Python, performing things like: - Serving an HTML page - Consuming HTTP Post requests sent from that page HTML page - Securely storing received information in a Dynamo DB - Synthesizing text into speech, i.e. returning MP3 (digital audio) - Calling others AWS Lambda functions - Calling native libraries or executable that were deployed with the lambda function .. and more.

We will be using the AWS Web UI only very sparingly, but use a YAML file instead wherever it makes sense, like for declaring the DynamoDB.

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