The Future of Chatbots

Landbot Scoop - Season 1, Sept 2020, Podcast

Chatbots are a transition to a more open interface .. hosted by Jiaqi Pan, Sept 19, 2020

In today's episode, Jiaqi Pan, CEO at Landbot, interviews Wolf Paulus, a software engineer with a lifetime of experience who spent the last 9 years working for a US company Intuit known mainly for tax filing products and QuickBooks accounting software. He shares his opinions about the evolution of chatbots and makes a case the voice user interfaces

🎤 “I think that chatbot experience will fade away. For me, chatbots are blackberries of our time. So… remember when blackberries were the predecessors of our phones? They were very limited.”

🎤 “Privacy and security always come up with voice and we as an industry absolutely have to address this issue. One of my hopes is that, out of the current situation, voice biometrics becomes better and more popular.”

🎤 “...currently with the face masks, face ID is not that good… Touch ID might also not work everywhere, we are discouraged to touch things… So that could be the big chance for voice biometrics to come in.”

Key topics discussed:

  • His beginnings with speech recognition software
  • Experience of applying voice interface to Intuit products
  • When are most interfaces most efficient?
  • The challenges of privacy and security with voice interfaces
  • The future of conversational space...