A small internet connected device


A small internet connected device, visually informs its user of important events. Like an order that came in via email. The device has LEDs in three different colors (on, off, or pulsing) and does its job un-intrusively and frictionless. The notification LEDs get switched off by simply moving the device. The device also “knows” its orientation in 3D space and can report this back to a remote server.

From idea to wirelessly chargeable product





  • standing tall -> blue
  • tall upside down -> green
  • wide -> blue pulse
  • wide upside down -> green pulse
  • flat -> orange
  • face down -> red

Wireless Charging

Cuboid .. the making of

A short while ago, I wrote about running Micro Python on an ESP32 (HUZZAH32) chip. More recently, I have added a triple axis accelerometer (LIS3DH), a battery, wireless charging, and put it all into a very nice case.