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My name is Wolf Paulus, a photographer, hiker, hacker, technologist, based in Ramona, California. I am focusing on embedded, mobile, and open source technologies and help accelerating the discovery and adoption of emerging mobile technologies; inspire and innovate, emphasizing mobile and wearables, voice user interfaces, speech recognition and synthesis, and natural language understanding.


I created the Java-based open source XUL Engine SwixML, which Sun’s CTO called “The strongest straightforward design of declarative UI implementations”.

SwixML introduced ideas, which are now heavily re-used in Google’s Android SDK. (Graphical User Interfaces are described declaratively in XML documents that are parsed and rendered into UI widgets hierarchies at runtime.)

But I have created much more that I’m extremely proud of.


A lot of my work evolves around early technology prototyping. Still, I’m trying to put some ideas into real-world mobile applications.

Take a look at Artist on Android, the Horsemen of Speech Recognition, or other apps that I have published under the Techcasita Productions label in Google’s play store.

Cloud Services

Most mobile applications consume some sort of cloud service. Speed is extreme important for Voice User Interfaces to work well, which means you want to do as much as possible on-device. However, speech recognition accuracy and speech synthesis quality often require a cloud-based implementation. Cloud services that I have recently implemented include speech synthesisaggregation, AIML based natural language understanding, and text summarization, including simple sentiment analysis.


I’m appointed to the advisory committee for the Mobile App Development Certificate at the University of California, Irvine, and occasionally speak at conferences and user groups on topics ranging from Embedded Technology to Declarative Programming, emphasizing UI Generation at Runtime, and everything Voice User Interface related of course.

Take a look at some slides from my most recent talks.


April 11-12, Mobile Voice Conference 2016, San Jose, California

Mobile Voice Conference 2016 in San Jose, California
On April 11-12, I will be speaking at the Mobile Voice Conference 2016 on “Natural Language for Developers – beyond declaring User Intents”

Moderator: Alexander Rudnicky, Research Professor, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
Natural Language for Developers – beyond declaring User Intents – Wolf Paulus, Engineer, Intuit
Driving Natural Language Interaction Using Knowledge Representation – William Meisel, President, TMA Associates




Many new concepts that I implement in mobile applications, are communicated best through video clips or short films.

Take a look at some high quality short HD films that I have created over the last few months and years.


“Amateur Professionalism”, a concept used since 2004, describes an emerging sociological and economic trend of people pursuing amateur activities to professional standards. That pretty much describes how I look at my photography work today.

If you like, take a look at some of my photos and the stories behind them, at http://ramonaphoto.com


Installing Tomcat 8 on OS X 10.11 El Capitan

The Servlet 4.0 specification is out and Tomcat 9.0.x will support it. However, at this point Tomcat 8.0.x is the best Tomcat version and it is supporting the 3.1 Servlet Spec.


Since OS X 10.7 Java is not (pre-)installed anymore, let’s fix that first.

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Interval Timer Shooting


[ISO 500 | 27mm | f/2.8 | 1/1000sec]
This photo was taken, using a multi-copter, but arriving at photos like this is harder than you might think. It takes a lot practice and luck to frame aerial shots. The vibrations of the copter require to set an unusually high shutter speed, which dictates to some degree, f-stop and ISO (sensitivity). Not exactly knowing what the camera is seeing and focusing on, when it’s up there in the air, means taking lots and lots of shots and hoping for the best.

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Los Angeles Auto Show 2015 – Connected Car Expo

An industry, terrified of the approaching disruption.

The Connected Car Expo, happening as a part of the Los Angeles Auto Show, had an impressive list of presenters. CNET’s Brian Cooley acted as the MC for this fast-paced, one-day event; and it was repaid fire: Most presenters had only 6 to 10 minutes, to get their points across. At the the end of every third fash-talk, the audience had the chance to ask questions.

John Zimmer, Lyft Co-Founder and President

John Zimmer, Lyft Co-Founder and President

The connected car, assisted driving, and self-driving cars were obviously huge topics. But setting aside the very interesting technical discussions, the conference also exposed a terrified industry, knowing that the approaching disruption will change more than just the business model. GM’s executives for instance, to live the disruption, where sent on a trip to the Silicon Valley and encourage to exclusively use disruptive services, like Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft.

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