Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Lens

I really wanted to like this lens. It has a nice build quality and has a really good feel and helf. I also liked the larger 62 mm Filter-Thread, compared to comparable lenses. However, mounting the lens already felt somewhat odd. It did not want to go on a Canon 7D body, as easily and smooth as my Canon and Tamron lenses.

Taking the 1st shots and looking at them at the camera’s LCD already was disappointing – the pictures has an odd pale almost green look. After importing the photos into Lightroom we saw the stunningly poor quality. Not even close to an inexpensive 1.8 nifty fifty and worse than any of my zoom lenses in that rage; unbelievably soft and out of focus.


Next we did the common focus test (described in much detail here: and the results showed that the focus was off by 15mm with a 500mm focus distance. But even the areas that looked like were in focus, were totally soft, all the way to f/5.6. Don’t know how Sigma can stay in business when delivering products like this 30mm.

Focus Test

Here is a photos we took during the focus test. To be fair to Sigma, this was the VERY best we could find.

  • Focal Length: 30mm
  • Apature: f/1.4
  • Exposure Time: 1/640 sec
  • ISO: 400

[Download original image (not cropped) 5184×3456, 13.7 MB]


  • Filter Thread: 62mm
  • Dimensions (DiameterxLength): 3.2 x 2.3″ (8.13 x 5.84 cm)
  • Weight: 15.1 oz (430 g)
  • Camera Mount Type: Canon EF-S
  • Format Compatibility: Canon (APS-C)
  • Focal Length: 30 mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 15.7″ (40 cm)
  • Aperture: f/1.4 to f/16
  • Magnification 0.09x
  • Angle of View 46 Degrees
  • Groups/Elements 7/7
  • Diaphragm Blades 8

Final Verdict

This was my 1st Sigma experience and I’m really glad that Amazon has such a great return policy. This lens stayed for not even 12 hours at my house. Sorry Sigma, but it will probably take a really long time, until I consider one of your products again.