Sh!t We Like – Mini Disk Adapters

Even before writable mini disks, the 8-centimeter in diameter small CDs and DVDs (a.k.a Pocket-CD), became available/affordable, I really liked that small form-factor. Today you find mini disks included with some computer accessories, used as a cheap way to include drivers and other software. Some video cameras use writable mini DVDs for content recording. However, I […]

Out of Balance

Most programmers, coders, hackers, Software Engineers, call them like you see them, don’t eat healthy. There is just no time to leave the keyboard for having a healthy meal and instead we prefer a quick snack or a beer, depending of the location and time of the day maybe. Despite the popularity of the well-marketed […]

Desktop Matters

Is enthusiasm, energy, and creativity enough to catch up to competitors who may not have the same level of compassion but instead have a strong commercial interest? Spending two days at the Desktop Matters conference, sharing ideas and experiencing a newly re-energized group of hardcore Java Desktop developers first hand was truly outstanding. Java luminary Ben Galbraith […]