The Nutella Experiment

Growing up in Germany means being exposed to different foods than kids here in America. I still remember the jelly, my grandmother used to make from homegrown raspberries, we helped her pick in the garden. Kids in Europe usually don’t know much about peanut butter and grow up on hazelnut spread instead. There are different […]

Arduino Pt.4

Doubling the Arduino Flash Memory once again Times really flys when you’re having fun – it has been more two years since I posted this journal entry about how to double the Arduino board’s Flash memory by replacing the ATmega8 with an ATmega168 microcontroller. Lots has changed since then, e.g. the Arduino project now includes several board designs […]

Sh!t We Like – Mini Disk Adapters

Even before writable mini disks, the 8-centimeter in diameter small CDs and DVDs (a.k.a Pocket-CD), became available/affordable, I really liked that small form-factor. Today you find mini disks included with some computer accessories, used as a cheap way to include drivers and other software. Some video cameras use writable mini DVDs for content recording. However, I […]